by Milkmen

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positivity Played a house show in atlanta with these guys, sick sick sick Favorite track: I Think I Know.
Jimmy Fasulo
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Jimmy Fasulo Brunz' tightest jams for sure, nonstop jazzy balls-out face shredders Favorite track: I Think I Know.
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If we didn't get this out by the end of 2015 we probably never would have. Thank you for your support and patience!


Music & lyrics by Milkmen.


Ben Thieberger - Guitar/Vox
Brian Hughes - Bass/Vox
Anthony D'Arcangelo - Drums (+ vox on K. O. T. H.)


A special thank you to Rob Graham, Ben Roth, Justin Calaycay, Jimmy Fasulo, Jon Smith, our families, friends, and everyone who was involved in this process. We love you.


released December 25, 2015

Recorded and mixed by Kory Gable at The Kaleidoscope in Lancaster, PA.

Mastered by Bill Henderson at Azimuth Mastering.

Album art by Laura Ushay.


all rights reserved



Milkmen New Brunswick, New Jersey


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Track Name: Ramus
think about this
would it be so bold to think
what was no longer is

anxious mind keeps tired eyes wide open

counting sheep does not help me sleep

because it's easy to mistake the gains of a thought
separate from all that is real
but if i find my place my concerns will abate
back to the dark

hello pillow
will you swallow me whole
tossing and turning isn't working at all
Track Name: Johnny Dangerously
call the doctor
get me the law
i've been stuck in my mind now for way too long

somebody get me out of my head
it's a matter of time before i wind up dead

always trying to forget the things you said

head games
i'm just dead weight
dragging you and everybody down

she will catch you if you try to run
she's got a finger on the trigger
and your name is on the gun
but you'll never be fast enough
cause she's speedy
even quicker than the bullet that she's shooting for the start of the race
she's already won
i hope you had your fun

head games
i'm just dead weight
dragging you and everybody down
head games
i'm a lead weight
pulling you six feet under the ground
Track Name: I Think I Know
you can't shape my mind
mine is rigid
and at the same time it is
without shape or form

i won't do anything with it
that you say is normal

what do you think
what do you think
what do you know
what do you think
what do you think
what are you

a textbook
do you have the answers written down
can i look at you

you don't
know what
i know
you don't

you don't know what i know

what do you think
what do you think
what do you know
what do you think
what do you think
what are you
Track Name: Papa Gable
you can bet i won't understand
the first time around

i have been wired upside down

but i'm looking up
a good place to be stuck

you can bet we won't listen
to what you say
you can talk all day

but i'm looking up
a good place to be stuck

you can talk but we won't listen
Track Name: K. O. T. H.
fire your guns your hired firearms
i'm tired of your unflinching desire to go to war
listen up my sons
my daughters gather round
it's likely you don't know exactly what you're fighting for

no one is safe
here comes the king
you better head for the hills
just run away
run away run away run away

run away
just run away

run away (x 10000000000)
Track Name: Grahamcracker
get away from me
i don't want to hear you
and i don't want to see
your face anymore

but your feet are glued to the floor
and i'm going crazy

our eyes are wide open
big and bright as the moon
we've been at this for hours
and i hope that we can stop soon
but it's not going good at all

split down the split down the split down the

i can not just split down
i can not

split down the middle of me
of my body

do you know what it's like to be pulled
in two separate and completely opposite directions
it's torture
even more so it's immoral.
so i hope you can see in this picture i've painted for you what it did to me
what it did is still infinitely better than sticking together would've been
Track Name: Circles Are Square
i broke so much glass
i did not watch my step
if all my tracks are red
and all my maps are wrong
how will you find what you're looking for

you can walk in circles
or you can draw new lines, new paths
but you cannot replace your steps

i broke so much glass
i will not watch my step
let all my tracks be read
all my maps are wrong

all my maps were wrong

you can walk in circles
you can walk forever
but you'll never find me
Track Name: Fruit Leather
Track Name: Lost & Found
a noise rattles in this head
many little sounds surface all at once
but there's no room for thoughts
of yours
and barely enough for these ones,
my own
i don't know

what should i say what should i say what should i say
i know i should say something soon
what can i say what can i say
if everything i say
won't mean a thing to you

so i keep my mouth shut
for fear of losing my teeth
they're falling out during the spaces of my sentences
Track Name: Indian Red
i don't need to see your lips
i've got my fingertips
running through your black hair

running and running
running around in my head
and i don't care

indian red
indian red
blood on your hands

reaching through people
reaching through smoke
laughing hysterically after each joke

i don't want to see your lips
you've got your fingertips
pressed against his chest
ripping out his heart through his vest

curtains of people
curtains of smoke
laughing hysterically after each joooooke
Track Name: Foreverday
looking down the barrel of a father's gun
the door is locked behind me so i cannot run
but i don't want to anyway

i'm face to face with a bullet that's had
my name on it for longer than i can even say
you might as well dig me a grave

i could sink or swim but i don't really care
cause i've been spending every day in my underwear
on the couch just trying to figure it out

so if the water rushes over me
will you be there
to drag me back onto the shore
or anywhere but my bed
imprisoned in my head

i think i'd rather be dead
or at the very least numb
cause i'd be lying if i said i was having any fun
i'd rather be dead
how's that grave coming along
you should probably have it ready by the end of this song

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